Judy and the Folkmen, Fairport Convention, Trader Horne, Giles, Giles & Fripp, King Crimson. What reads as the wants list of a person with exceptional taste is actually the work of one woman: Judy Dyble, and another remarkable addition to Earth’s roster.

As a musician to describes herself as ‘accidental’, her contribution to the alternative psych, folk and prog scene of the 60s and 70s is nothing if not prolific. Shrugging off tales of sharing stages with the likes of Syd Barrett or Jimi Hendrix with her typical modesty, it has been our pleasure to boast on her behalf, with our ‘Anthology’ bringing together rare tracks from her most abundant musical era.
Originally released on Pye’s alt-label Dawn, Trader Horne’s ‘Morning Way’ is widely agreed to be one of the unsung musical treasures of the 70s. Judy Dyble and Jackie McAuley (Them) formed Trader Horne in 1969, naming their group – so the legend goes! – after John Peel’s Nanny. By turns folk (‘Jenny May’), pop (’Sheena’) and something altogether more esoteric (‘Velvet To Atone’), Trader’s only album is a shining example of the cult British psychedelic era. Our ‘Sunset red’ edition was released in 2015 – the 45th anniversary of the record’s release – alongside which a truly spectacular anniversary concert was played to standing ovations at London’s Bush Hall.

“An enchanting, esoteric collection”Uncut