Bert Jansch – From The Outside


Recalling the elegant simplicity of Jansch’s early works, ‘From The Outside’ sees Jansch return to the uncomplicated yet supremely effective sound of his eponymous debut. This is Bert laid bare – eschewing the more intricate arrangements of his surrounding works for the holy trinity of guitar, banjo and voice, perhaps reflective of his state of mind at the time. Stand-out tracks include ‘River Running’ and ‘Blackbird In The Morning’ which were both (amazingly) omitted from the original vinyl release.

One of Bert’s rarest releases, this 1985 LP was originally issued as an edition of just 500 copies on the small Belgian label, Konexion. This issue unites the varied track listing of previous versions – both LP and CD, with many cuts appearing here on vinyl for the first time. Remastered from original tapes by Brian Pyle. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

Track list:

  1. Sweet Rose
  2. Blackbird In The Morning
  3. Read All About It
  4. Change The Song
  5. Shout
  6. From The Outside
  7. If You’re Thinking ‘Bout Me Babe
  8. Silver Raindrops
  9. Why Me (Still Love Her Now That She’s Gone)
  10. Get Out Of My Life
  11. Time Is An Old Friend
  12. River Running
  13. High Emotion
  14. I Sure Wanna Know
  15. From The Inside