Trader Horne – Morning Way


  • Trader Horne 45th Anniversary of ‘Morning Way’ and first live performance together since 1970 on 29th November 2015 at Bush Hall, London.
  • Trader Horne are: Judy Dyble (ex-Fairport Convention / Giles, Giles & Fripp, amongst others) and Jackie McAuley (Them)
  • Remastered limited edition release on ‘Sunset Red’ vinyl.
  • Judy’s performance here is cool and strong, framed by McAuley’s consistently fantastic harpsichord and organ figures, simple piano or guitar.”Record Collector

Originally released on Pye’s alt-label Dawn, Trader Horne’s ‘Morning Way’ is widely agreed to be one of the unsung musical treasures of the 70s. Judy Dyble (ex Fairport Convention / Giles, Giles & Fripp, amongst others) and Jackie McAuley (Them) formed Trader Horne in 1969, naming their group – so the legend goes – after John Peel’s Nanny.

Trader Horne’s only album is a shining example of the cult British psychedelic era. By turns the album opens with folk song ‘Jenny May’, moving into pop territory on love song ’Sheena’ and something altogether more esoteric on ‘Velvet To Atone’.

Judy on her autoharp used on the recording: “The one I’d played in Fairport had been a stereo one, and was left behind when she left the band.  John [Peel] gave me the only other solid body electric autoharp in the country at that time – used for Trader Horne this one was mono. I still have it. It still sounds lovely.”

‘Morning Way’ will be released on sunset red vinyl and limited to just 1000 copies worldwide. The release comes with high quality download and includes two additional non-album tracks, ‘Here Comes The Rain’ and ‘Goodbye Mercy Kelly’ – the CD version will include all tracks.

Trader Horne will also celebrate their 45th Anniversary with a performance of their album in full at London’s Bush Hall on November 29th. The special event will be the first time they have played together since the album’s initial release in 1970.


1 Jenny May

2 Children of Oare

3 Three Rings for Eleven Kings

4 Growing Man

5 Down and Out Blues

6 The Mixed Up Kind

7 Better Than Today

8 In My Loneliness

9 Sheena

   10 The Mutant

11 Morning Way

12 Velvet to Atone

13 Luke That Never Was

14 Here Comes The Rain

15 Goodbye Mercy Kelly